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Hi, I'm Zenoria!

I’m helping small non-profits make a BIG impact!

My Services

Grant Writing Webinar

Does your organization need basic knowledge of writing grants and where to start? Then this webinar is the perfect start in grant writing education for your organization.

Grant Proposal Template

A grant proposal template is a stylish universal outline template of a grant proposal that your organization can use for multiple grant types. Each time your organization applies for a grant, the template can be easily edited to reflect the grant your organization is applying for.

Research For Available Grants

Looking for grants can be timely and consuming. I’ll do the research for your organization by combining a comprehensive list of available grants that match your organization’s mission, purpose, and current programs.

Submit a Grant Proposal

Is there a specific grant your organization is applying for? I’ll work with your organization to create a well-thought-out and organized grant proposal to submit.

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